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As a naturally geeky person I am interested in a lot of different technologies, which I have spent a decent amount of my spare time on. Enough time that I feel I should write down some of my experiences, so maybe somebody else will be able to do the same in less time. Since the list of things I want to write about seems to get longer and longer, I decided to start by writing down that list. In a way this post will serve as a table of contents for articles I am going to write, and I will link each item in the list to the respective article after it has been written. That being said, I might write other posts not in this list, and I probably won't go back and update this post with new articles, either. It's more like a snapshot of ideas that are in my head right now and which I don't want to forget.

The posts I want to write can be split into two sections:

Various technologies. This is anything that has to do with using software or setting something up, configuration, etc.

  • From TV to TV Part 1: Recording HDTV with Windows Vista MCE
  • From TV to TV Part 2: Converting DVR-MS video streams into MPG, WMV, XviD, x264 etc.
  • From TV to TV Part 3: Tools, Converters, Comparisons
  • Microsoft Windows Home Server Beta Testing
  • Visual Studio Code Name "Orcas" March 2007 CTP Review
  • Online Polls: A Comparison *

Programming: Different projects I've been working on or wanted to work on.

  • Developing an Outlook 2007 plugin: Duplicate Email Finder
  • Developing a Windows Vista sidebar gadget: Yet another Weather Gadget
  • Developing an ASP.NET application with AJAX Extensions: My Download Section
  • Developing a .NET 3.0 application with the Flickr API: Managr
  • Developing a Framework: Board-based Puzzle Framework
  • Developing a Visual Studio 2005 plugin
  • Developing user controls for Subtext: Flickr, Technorati, Google Ads

 * I actually thought it would be neat to add an online poll here to see if anybody out there had a preference on what I should write about first, but when I started looking for a suitable online poll engine I could not decide which one I should use, and I also could not find a good article that compared the available choices, so I thought I'll just start with that comparison myself!

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12/11/2007 9:33 AM
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Kindle Blog
8/20/2011 11:56 AM
Have you manage to create Duplicate Email Finder? I am very interesting on it.
# re: Upcoming Articles
1/31/2012 7:41 AM
great pyramid of giza The seven World Wonders list of the ancient times was initially recorded approximately in the 2nd century BC. 

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