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MIX10 Session Downloader and Renamer curl scripts

Status: The current scripts (Downloader version 0.7, Renamer version 0.5) contain 130 sessions and were last updated on 3/25/2010 11:13 AM PDT.

Inspired by the amazing work of Mike Swanson and Craig Randall I took the curl scripts written for a complete download of the PDC09 sessions and modified it to work with the MIX10 sessions! Update 3/18/2010: The MIX team now updated the sessions page to point to an updated version of Mike’s original script. It doesn’t contain any of the improvements I pointed out below, so feel free to use whichever script fits your needs!

The batch file works exactly the same way as the PDC09 Downloader. You just call it and pass in the video format or PowerPoint extension and it will go out and download everything for you. Updating it for MIX10 was very easy. Since the directory structure and file naming convention is very similar, all I had to do was update the session names to match the MIX10 sessions.

For your convenience, I rewrote the original instructions for PDC09 to use with MIX10:

If you’d like to download all of the keynote and session content, download a recent build of cURL (~250K), and extract it to your folder-of-choice. Then, download (1.7 KB) and extract the MIX10Downloader.bat file to the same folder. From a command prompt, start MIX10Downloader by passing it one of the following parameters: WMVHIGH, WMV, MP4, PPTX. Then wait. For files that aren’t available, cURL will download a file that is around 221 bytes in size (if you change the extension to .html and open it, you’ll see that the file is simply an HTML “not found” error page).

To rename the files, first, download the MIX10 Renamer batch file (5.5 KB). Then, extract the MIX10Renamer.bat file to the folder that contains your downloaded files, and from a command prompt, type MIX10Renamer WMV to rename all of the .WMV files to the full session title. By changing the parameter, you can also rename your PPTX and MP4 files.

I made the following improvements to the original Downloader and Renamer scripts:

  • Added proxy support for the downloader. You can now specify a proxy to use for downloading since cURL doesn’t seem to pick it up automatically from the Windows Connection Settings. Run the MIX10Downloader.bat script without parameters for instructions.
  • The format of the renamed files includes both the original session ID as well as the speaker(s) in parentheses. Sometimes the same speaker has several sessions that build on top of each other, this way it is easier to find them!
  • cURL is now invoked using the –-compressed option, which should speed up file transfers a bit. I checked the response headers from the server and it looks like deflate and gzip are supported and should be used.
  • After running the Downloader script the variables used for folder, extension and proxy are cleaned up properly.
  • Fixed high quality keynote video filenames which did not follow the regular session naming convention.

If you’re looking for a more GUI driven download tool check out Frank La Vigne’s MIX10 Session Downloader.

Thanks to Microsoft for putting up all the videos!


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