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A (re)fresh Start

After a painful hard drive crash in my laptop I finally extended my home network and added a dedicated server machine with a RAID5 disk array to minimize future data loss from hard drive failure. This also allowed me to finally separate the web serving duties from my gaming rig, but it caused a couple of days of downtime for my blog while I was juggling hardware and reassembling and reinstalling the machines. Now everything is done and up and running again. And I think the only people who noticed that the blog was down were probably the comment spammers...

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The Irony of Downtime

I've been wanting to write a couple of new articles for my blog for a while now, and this one was not supposed to be one of them, especially not the first. However, certain events call for certain actions, and this is one of those times I guess. Let me begin by explaining the title of this post: A couple of weeks ago I upgraded my server machine with new hardware. There was not a single second downtime while I was doing the upgrade, since I had moved the blog temporarily over to my laptop (and I don't think anybody noticed...

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The Purpose of this Blog

Here we go, yet another blog to add to the blogosphere! I say add because I hope and believe that I can add something to the community with my posts and thoughts. What community you ask? Well, being a software developer in Silicon Valley most of my posts will be about development problems that I have proudly solved, or other tidbits that I found interesting enough to write about. But I will also mix in more personal posts about riding my motorcycle or my travels throughout the world. We will see how it goes! In the title of this post I...

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